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Hello, My name is Michael “Dante” Dottin, and I’m the founder and CEO of 319  Media Group.

Growing up in Brooklyn in the 1980’s, I had no shortage of musical influence around me. In fact, 80’s recording and production icons

Full Force (perhaps best known for their work with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, James Brown, Rhianna, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and more) had their recording studio right up my block. Needless to say, I grew up with a solid healthy fascination with sound.


 Since that time, I have turned that fascination into a rewarding career, working on shows like The View, Saturday Night Live and Good Morning America and receiving a

Grammy Certificate of Recognition and an

Edward R. Murrow Award


 All of my years of experience has made me realize that we have become so invested in rehashing yesterday’s television glories, that we have sacrificed our creative originality.


That is why I created 319 Media Group.


Our vision is to restore original programming and fresh concepts that entertain and inspire our viewers as well

as our peers. 


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